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Passionate. Experienced. Authentic.

17+ Years Experience    650+ Weddings   550+ Private | Corporate Events


Premium DJ | Host | Emcee


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After 17+ years in the event industry as a Premium DJ, 650+ weddings and 500+ private events, I can say with 100% certainty that my passion and purpose is to elevate the experience for my family, friends and clients. Without a doubt I was born for this role. 


My current endeavors include: co-founder of Anne & Ellis, co-host of the Anne & Ellis podcast and coaching other wedding professionals to design a business with purpose, passion and faith. 


I thrive on keeping busy in my professional world but my private life has a much deeper meaning. I married my high school sweetheart, Melissa in 2012 and recently celebrated with a vow renewal. I'm also a proud father of eight-year-old twins, Iylah and Asher. Needless to say, they keep my schedule jammed packed during the week!

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Limited Availability For 2024 - 2025

As a professional in the DJ industry, I pride myself on transparency and integrity when discussing my services and fees. It's important for me to convey that my pricing aligns with the upper echelon of premium DJs in our region. This reflects the exceptional quality and comprehensive nature of the services I provide.

I fully recognize and respect that every couple has a specific budget for their wedding day. From my experience, most clients find that an investment of around $2,800 in my Premium DJ Services aligns well with their expectations and desires for their special day. This rate is not just about playing a playlist; it's about delivering a bespoke, high-caliber experience that elevates your wedding reception.

In my role as your DJ, I go beyond just playing music. I actively engage in managing the flow and ambiance of your reception. My goal is to seamlessly integrate into your event, ensuring that every musical detail aligns perfectly with each moment of your celebration.


From coordinating with other vendors to adapting the music to the mood of the room, my focus is on creating an unforgettable atmosphere that resonates with you and your guests.

Understanding the significance of your wedding day, I aim to provide a service that transcends the traditional role of a DJ. It's about crafting an experience that is as unique and memorable as your love story.


If you feel that my approach and style are what you're looking for, I would be thrilled to have a conversation with you. Let’s discuss how we can make your wedding day not just an event, but an extraordinary experience that reflects your personality, vision and vibe.

What kind of vibe are you going for? You can choose more than one

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